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Delivery Services Help Austinites Avoid Traffic

Updated: Monday, June 9 2014, 03:34 PM CDT

First Lyft and Uber, now Postmates is launching in Austin. The new app-based delivery service started on the first anniversary of a similar service, Favor. Now these companies are working to help make a difference on the roads.

Would you rather fight traffic or use an app to get what you want? The Postmates app allows you to order almost anything right to your door in under an hour. Oh, and it's open 24/7.

"We'll do prescriptions from drug stores. We do retail stores, so almost anything you can think of we will deliver," said Postmates launcher Chris Castello.

Thursday, Postmates teamed up with Sugar Mama's Bakeshop to deliver free pies to the first Austin customers. "I saw it on Twitter actually," said Colby Paterson who works downtown.

Paterson says she'll use it again especially since traffic often prevents her from leaving for lunch. "I simply cannot make it there and back in an hour, and so having a delivery service that will deliver to me in under an hour for my lunch is definitely a compelling reason to use the service," said Paterson.

Another delivery service started doing Austinites a favor one year ago today. Favor launched June 5, 2013. "Wouldn't it be cool if we could have a way to request something and save a trip, so that's actually how we were born," said Favor Co-founder, Zac Maurais.

So far, Favor has brought local businesses more than $1 million in sales. "There's all these amazing places that have great food, but they don't offer delivery," said Maurais. "So here we are making it easy for you get what you need and then also bringing more sales for the local businesses."

These delivery companies' apps also use GPS to dispatch drivers eliminating unnecessary travel. "We don't just buzz that job out to anyone. It actually selects the Postmate that is going to be able to complete that job in just a few min," said Castello.

Postmates is offering free delivery through June 15, and Favor says their first favor is always free.     

For more information on pricing and coverage areas, visit either Postmates or Favor's websites.

By Deeda Payton

Delivery Services Help Austinites Avoid Traffic

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