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Fort Hood Lost Most U.S. Soldiers To War In Iraq

Updated: Wednesday, June 18 2014, 10:32 AM CDT

The city of Killeen loves the men and women of Fort Hood.  Inside Blades Barbershop, Letonya Evans reminisces about her time in the Army.  The former private first class didn't serve in Iraq but her husband did.

"My husband was hit with an IED when he was over there.  Luckily it didn't damage too much," recalled Evans.

The violence in the Middle East has Evans worried hey hubby may be sent back.

"Always had to worry.  Never knew if he was going to come back or not," added Evans.

And neither did her barber Dwayne Degrate.  The former U.S. Marine spent a year in Iraq.  The 35-year-old doesn't want to see anyone go back.

"More troops getting killed for what?  I thought we took care of that," said Degrate.

Inside the Central Texas Veterans Cemetery, Elizabeth Malec was visiting the gravesite of her late husband.  Malec's son is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force. She believes the U.S. military should go where it's needed -- even if it means sending her son to Iraq.

"I don't want him risking his life.  I don't want the men and women risking their lives but this is a part of our life living in the United States.  So be it.  So be it," said Malec.

By Alex Boyer

Fort Hood Lost Most U.S. Soldiers To War In Iraq

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