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Georgetown Police Address Kidnapping Skeptics

Updated: Wednesday, July 9 2014, 06:51 PM CDT
Two attempted kidnappings in less than a month, and there are no arrests.  Now some in Georgetown are wondering if the reports are even true.  A woman approached us outside the police department and said she didn't believe them.

These cases are the only attempted kidnapping cases in the past five years in the city, so they are unusual.  That's not stopping police however from thoroughly investigating them. 

"It is odd and it does raise an eyebrow" replied Captain Roland Waits when asked about the reports.  "Putting the information out there does two things.  It lets people know about it, but then also it wakes people up" he continued.  Waits added investigators are still working diligently to find the alleged kidnappers "let's get all the facts and all the evidence together so we can then start aggressively going out there and trying to locate and find this person."

There not may be a just a person. Police may actually be looking for "people because the descriptions given of the alleged suspects do not match.  While police work both cases they want them to serve as a reminder to parents to tell their kids how to stay safe.

"It goes back to those basic things we were taught as kids.  One you don't talk to strangers" Waits explained.  He also says there is safety in numbers.  A child playing alone is a likely target.

"Kids don't always think about the other side of life; the things that could happen."

A child should always run away if they feel something isn't right.  If they're caught, don't make it easy. 

"You need to fight back, you need to yell you need to scream" Waits advised.

Another key thing to talk to your kids about is a description.  You should talk to them about eye color, tattoos, or the emblem on a suspicious car.  They're tools we hope our kids never have to use, but that info can help police if it does.

Police are still working Monday's case and the case from mid-June.  If you know anything, police encourage you to give them a call.

By Melanie LoftonGeorgetown Police Address Kidnapping Skeptics

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