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Heated Words Exchanged Before Gas Station Hit and Run

Updated: Wednesday, July 2 2014, 10:53 AM CDT

Surveillance cameras were rolling Monday as a woman plowed into two men at a Houston gas station, and police say it's all because of a few simple words.

Marcus Chukuwuu and his boss stopped at the gas station to fill up after work. Chukuwuu says a woman pulled in the space next to theirs, coming really close to where they were standing. "He was like 'don't kill me...' She was like, 'if I want to kill you I'll shoot you, I won't run you over,'" says Chukuwuu.

Chukuwuu says the woman was mad, and he admits her comment scared him, so he walked away and went inside the store to get change.  He walked out less than a minute later and that's when they were run over. "When I turned around it was a lady coming full speed," Chukuwuu said. "She took off.  Hit us both and just kept going."

The two men were rushed to the hospital. Chukuwuu has a bad back injury and his boss hit his head, but they're both going to be okay.

Now, they're just hoping the woman behind the wheel of the Buick is caught, so she can face charges.

Heated Words Exchanged Before Gas Station Hit and Run

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