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How To Survive A Tornado

Updated: Monday, June 16 2014, 01:00 PM CDT
A tornado throws a house 100 yards with a family of five inside, and everyone walks away unhurt. 

"My son saw it coming" Stacy Ashworth recalls.  She's referring to a tornado.
"You could feel the house being picked up and moved" she continued.

"They literally flew like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. 100 yards in this house" exclaimed NWS meteorologist Jon Zeitler.  He says the twister was an EF2.  Despite its strength and potential when the tornado dropped the house, everyone was fine.
Zeitler says that's because the Ashworth's did exactly what they were supposed to do.

"They got into an interior room, the bathroom which is the safest place to be.  There's no windows, you've got pipes to help keep the strength of it" he explained.

"My husband and I grabbed the mattress and threw over all of us" Ashworth recalled.

"That's even better" added Zeitler.  "Because most injuries and death come from people getting hit with flying debris" he continued.

What if you're outside when a tornado approaches?  The NWS says to get in your car and drive to a shelter.  If your car starts getting hit with debris pull over and park.
Stay in the car buckled in and take cover with your head down below the windows.

As a last resort, if you feel you are no longer safe in car, find an area lower than the roadway, lie down and cover your head.

We don't get big tornadoes often in central Texas.  If Mother Nature unleashes her fury again at least you now know what to do.

"If you do the right thing during severe weather you generally have a good outcome" Zeitler said.

By Melanie LoftonHow To Survive A Tornado

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