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Local Rehab Program Keeping Families Together

Updated: Wednesday, July 9 2014, 06:54 PM CDT
Daughters Emily and Nicole are Amanda Gordon’s life. But something threatened to change that.

“I became addicted and started doing recreational drugs.”

The two little girls have a sister.

“I had to give her up for adoption and that's what really threw me over the edge,” said Gordon.

She began abusing meth and Xanax.

“Nobody really knew anything was wrong, I was good at hiding it.”

She's not alone. In five central Texas counties, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has investigated 5,657 drug and alcohol related cases. In those same counties, 673 children were born addicted to drugs.

“Addiction is something real. It's just like any other illness like cancer,” said Gordon.

Amanda needed help. Her family called DFPS, but her success story didn't start there.

“I was so angry that I literally went across the table and tried to strangle my supervisor,” Gordon said.

Stephanie Weiss became Amanda’s supervisor in a program called Drug Court.

“We work with mothers and fathers who have at least one child under the age of five who has been exposed to illegal substances in some form or fashion,” said Weiss.

The program requires supervised treatment -- helping kids by helping their parents.

“What's really different about drug court is they're allowed to go into treatment with their children,” said Weiss.

That's what allowed Amanda to turn her life around, avoiding a dangerous path that could have landed her in prison. She’s taken it a step further by becoming a recovery coach herself.

“Don't be afraid because it's new or because you have to admit something's wrong with you,” she said. “So what? There's something wrong with everybody.”

The Travis County drug court program is one of several in the state. There are currently 28 families taking part in the program.

By Hema Mullur
Local Rehab Program Keeping Families Together

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