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Police Target BWI's On Lake Austin

Updated: Monday, June 30 2014, 10:19 AM CDT
The Texas heat means more boaters hitting the lakes, especially Lake Austin. Austin Police are out in full force patrolling the waters this weekend for Operation Dry Water.

Jay Collier is excited to bring her small children out on Lake Austin for the very first time.

“We always like to come out to the lake and they are old enough now they may enjoy it so we wanted to bring them out," Collier said. 

Safety is Collier’s number one priority.

“We make the kids keep their vests on the entire time we are out and if we are going to get out we tie up away from the crowds and partying," Collier said. 

Safety on Lake Austin is also the priority of the Austin Police. The department launched operation dry water. The initiative is aimed at stopping alcohol and drug related boat crashes.

"I think it's pretty dangerous it goes fast. It’s a powerful machine there's people in the water it's really dangerous," Collier said. 

Police say it has helped cut down on fatal boat crashes by nearly 20% since the operation was launched in 2009.

Boaters say it’s not all on police it's also about responsible drivers.
Jon Rodriguez rents out boats for a living and makes sure everyone who steps on his boats knows the law.
He says with the drought the lakes are overcrowded so everyone needs to be cautious.

“If you’re drinking and driving and you're over the legal limit of .08 you are responsible and you can have your license taken away and go to jail,” Rodriguez said.

Operation Dry Water is in effect until Monday.
Police Target BWI's On Lake Austin

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