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South Austin Stranger Spotted Again, Getting Bolder

Updated: Monday, August 18 2014, 05:58 PM CDT
It starts with a loud knock at the door. But it's unclear what the man doing the knocking is really up to.
"I'm trying to talk to this guy through the door and it seems like he's trying to show me something," recalled Terry Morris.

South Austin's suspicious character came face-to-face with a gun-totting Texan.

"I realized this was the same guy who had been through the whole neighborhood," said Morris.
So Morris decided to take action and told the man to stop.

"One your on private property, two I'm calling 911 and three I am armed. He saw gun on my hip and precipitated his exit," added Morris.

Morris got on the phone with dispatch.

"The operator actually asked me is he a bald guy with a beard, tattoos?  I just yes, how'd you know?  He said because we just got another report prior to yours where he was attempting to get into another home,"
said Morris.

Over the past month, the unidentified man has showed up on over a dozen doorsteps across South Austin, with the latest sighting on Texas Sun Drive.

The bizarre encounters have sparked countless postings on social media. And with police and neighbors on the lookout, Morris believes people will soon know the identity and motive of the South Austin stranger.
"Woe is the day the guy comes back to our neighborhood again because our whole neighborhood is on watch now. It's not a neighborhood he wants to come to," said Morris.

By: Alex Boyer

South Austin Stranger Spotted Again, Getting Bolder

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