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Texas Lawmakers Investigate Cost Of Increased Border Security

Updated: Tuesday, July 29 2014, 06:24 PM CDT
It's the battle to secure the border, but what the select committee on the fiscal impact of border support operations wants to know is how much it will cost? Where is the money going? And who recommended to call out the National Guard?

Representative Sylvester Turner asked both TX DPS Director Colonel Steve McCraw and Major General John F. Nichols, Texas Adjutant General  whether they had recommended Governor Rick Perry deploy the Texas National Guard to the border.

Both responded "No Sir."

What we do know is since June 18th, The Texas Department of Public Safety spent more than 5.8-million dollars on Texas border support operations.

The Texas National Guard will spend an estimated 12-million dollars a month,  that includes personnel costs, per diem and lodging, operations and maintenance.

But, the job will be to "see & refer."

"If we see someone crossing the border, we'll have DPS very close by, we'll talk to them, radio them right away and then they will go in and interview the people that cross the border," says Major General Nichols.

National Guardsmen will carry weapons but only for personal protection.

As for children Major General Nichols says "We're not going to be dealing with the children at all the only way that would possibly happen is if they came across the border and gave themselves up to us."

By: Lydia Pantazes
Texas Lawmakers Investigate Cost Of Increased Border Security

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