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Top Terrorism Expert Weighs-in on Arrests

Updated: Thursday, June 19 2014, 03:21 PM CDT
A long-term investigation landed two men accused of supporting terrorism behind bars.

The FBI said 23-year-old Michael Todd Wolfe and University of Texas student Rahatual Ashikim Kahn were recruiting and supporting Jihad.

Fred Burton is the Vice President of Intelligence at Strarfor in Austin. He is one of the world's top experts in terrorism and security.

Burton said terrorism cases are complicated and are never isolated.

"You have to recognize that the FBI has done a wonderful job in neutralizing a terror plot," Burton said. "What you are seeing is a post 911 environment with the FBI's very aggressive efforts to neutralize these plots in the very early stages."

Burton said to try and stop terrorists suspects before it is too late, the FBI spends years monitoring suspicious activity around the clock.

"You try to see those persons who are predisposed to this kind of activity, they might be in Jihadi chat rooms, they might be in contact oversees with radical elements," Burton said.

Burton said the next step for the FBI is to get close to suspects and try to find out their plan and who they are working with.

"Then typically what happen is they insert an undercover agent or informant and tries to befriend that person, so they can start to unravel and start to control the scenario, so they know directly when to literally when to pounce to try and stop these persons from going forward," Burton said.

Once the FBI feels they have enough to prosecute Burton said they will start making arrests, but Burton said the investigations are far from over.

"They usually spin off into other kinds of investigations, and who knows we might see other arrests here in Austin," Burton said.

By Cassie Gallo
Top Terrorism Expert Weighs-in on Arrests

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