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Woman Says Worker Spray-Painted Her Dog's Face

Updated: Tuesday, August 12 2014, 06:22 PM CDT

A dog owner in Round Rock says her dog was spray painted in the face by land surveyor worker.  

Angela Lewis is the owner of six-year-old Bowzer, a curious and lovable dog.

"He's here to protect us, and that's what we have him for," Lewis said.

Lewis said Bowzer has never had any problems until a few weeks ago when she said an employee from a land surveying company spray-painted her dogs face while working in her neighbor's backyard.

"If you come back here you can see there is no paint anywhere on the property," Lewis said.

Lewis said the only paint was on Bowzer's face and the hole in the fence that separated the dog and the worker.

"I feel like my dog was maliciously assaulted, and this is a form of animal cruelty, and there is no gray area in that," Lewis said. "If someone was going to be hurt and my dog was trying to hurt them, then I could see something, but these people go into peoples' yards every day and deal with dogs barking."

Lewis said the company sent an employee back out to her house the same day, and she was told a supervisor would contact her the next day. Lewis said she was never contacted by the company, and she says she's been ignored by them for the last two weeks.

On Monday the company posted a statement on its Facebook page that stated:

"We are appalled that an employee of ours could have done something like this and we are deeply sorry. In 25 years of business nothing like this has ever happened. The employee has been terminated because of his actions."

Lewis said without a direct apology she feels the company has not done enough to make up for the actions of the employee.

Lewis said it is the principle of professionalism that will bring justice to her dog.

"How are you appalled, but you can't at least send me and e-mail that says 'hey, I'm sorry,'" Lewis said. "It could be anybody's animal and that worries me. I want them to take better action."

Lewis said she filed a police report and has reached out to PETA.

KEYE TV tried to contact the company on Monday and did not get a response. KEYE TV also checked with the BBB and found that the company has no complaints against it, as well as an "A" rating.

(Photo from Angela Lewis.)

By Cassie Gallo

Woman Says Worker Spray-Painted Her Dog's Face

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