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$13 Million To Replace "New" Computers

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 09:47 PM CDT
In the past three years the Texas Department of Transportation has spent nearly $10 million on new computers.  Now it’s spending nearly $13 million to replace them.  According to internal documents KEYE obtained the agency admits some of the ones to be replaced are practically new. 

One document shows TxDOT  plans to spend more than 12-and-a-half million dollars buying about 7500 computers from Dell.

The interesting question however comes from another document.  It's an inventory of the computers currently being used.

11,516 of them are 3 years old or less.  5612 of them are one year old or less!

TxDOT seems to acknowledge the unusual cost in an email from Chief Information Officer Tim Jennings.  One of the questions addressed in the email is "I just got a computer - Do I really need a new one?'

The question is not answered completely answered.  It’s explained however that the newer computers will be traded in so all employees have the same model.  We wanted answers from TxDOT to see if having all employees using the same computers, is worth the $13 million dollar price tag.
We asked but never got an interview.

We did not get an interview with TxDOT only this statement from spokesperson Veronica Beyer: 

TxDOT’s hardware refresh project is designed to provide Texans with better service and save taxpayer dollars. Conservatively, this program will save the state approximately $15 million after the cost of the new PCs. Standardizing our computers will save us the cost of having to service dozens of different models currently at the agency. We are moving from 80 different computer models with 164 configurations to 6 models from one manufacturer. Additionally, we are getting market value for the old machines that we’re trading in and applying that money to the cost of new hardware. This is a necessary upgrade that will help us increase productivity and save money. It’s a win for Texas taxpayers.$13 Million To Replace "New" Computers



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