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Beachgoers Sue Over Cavity Search On Houston Area Highway

Updated: Wednesday, July 3 2013, 05:41 PM CDT

The officers involved in conducting body cavity searches on two women in bikinis are being sued for the ordeal.

The incident occurred on the side of Highway 288 in Brazoria County, about 40 miles south of Houston.

Brandy Hamilton and Alexandria Randle were returning home from a trip to Surfside Beach when they got pulled over for speeding.

The video from the trooper's dash camera reveals Hamilton asking if she can put her dress back on. The officer replies "don’t worry about it. Come out here."

The officer then claims to smell marijuana and promptly searches the car and calls for a female officer. There was reportedly a small amount of marijuana found in the car.

The female officer then conducted the body cavity searches on the women. The officers did not find anything in the search. The women claim that the officer wore the same gloves to conduct both searches.

One of the women will face a marijuana charge but both women have filed federal suits against the officers.

Jennie Bui, the female officer, has been fired. An investigation is still ongoing for the male trooper, Nathaniel Turner who is currently suspended.

Beachgoers Sue Over Cavity Search On Houston Area Highway



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