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Capital Metro Approves Mobile Ticketing App

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 09:47 PM CDT

Capital Metro approved a contract on Monday for a $1.7 million mobile ticketing app.

The group said they want to make paying for tickets easier for riders.

Joe Iannello is Cap Metro's Vice President and Chief Information Officer. He said the app tested well in November during Formula One weekend.

"It's about speed," Iannello said. "You can activate the pass, and use it on any of our bus and rail services."

It's high technology that comes with a high price tag. The cost breaks down over six years.

Iannello said half of the cost will go toward development and hardware, and the rest of the price is for yearly operation fees.

"The price and the value of this proposal is very competitive," Iannello said.

When compared to other city apps around the area, Cedar Park spent $2,000 to create its app that was attached with a $6,000 yearly fee. The City of Austin proposed its own $2 million 311 app in January, but after consideration the city council decided the price was too high.

KEYE TV took those numbers to the experts at Rocksauce Studios, a technology group that has created more than 20 apps.

Guthrie Bunn said Cap Metro's app price seems steep; however costs depend on several variables.

"Our standard app probably ranges from $50-100,000 platform," Bunn said.  "An application that processes financial transactions in real time is a lot more difficult to produce."

The mobile ticketing app will be free to download.

By Cassie GalloCapital Metro Approves Mobile Ticketing App



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