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Could Showers Help Solve Travis County Traffic, Health Issues?

Updated: Monday, June 3 2013, 10:10 PM CDT

A Travis County shower and locker room could be a solution to traffic and health issues.

Commissioners will vote Tuesday on installing the facilities in the Ned Granger building.

The request comes from the county attorney's office in the building.

Around 200 employees took an internal survey. The majority say they would use the facilities for working out, and less than half say they would use it for commuting to work.

Turns out, the building was already under renovations. Right now the plan for the first floor is to build a conference room and office spaces, but employees want a men's and women's locker room and shower instead.

The total cost would be $16,000 more than the basic renovation cost. However the money would be managed within the current project budget for building.

Travis Commissioner Gerald Daugherty is concerned about what precedent would be set.

"Unless you are going to set some sort of a policy as to which buildings can have showers and lockers than you may be building yourself into a box," said Daugherty.

Travis County Judge Sam Biscoe is for it, as long it improves the health of employees.

"In my view it's affordable, and it's doable. I don't know if we expect hundreds of employees to showers, but I would think certainly we would see enough to believe it was a good investment," said Biscoe.

Some county buildings already have shower and locker rooms. County officials say they're used between 13-18 times per work day.

By Christie PostCould Showers Help Solve Travis County Traffic, Health Issues?



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