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Pflugerville Pays Millions For New, Safer Bridge

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 09:47 PM CDT

The City of Pflugerville has spent more than $2 Million to replace a half mile segment of road with a bridge that has been the site of several water rescues.

The new roadway is located at Pflugerville Parkway and FM 685. “If it rained, you couldn’t cross there. It was completely shut every time it rained,” says Danielle LaBrie, owner of Yaghi’s Pizzeria near the roadway.

The old roadway consisted of a two lane road and a crossing that was about 6-8 feet. The new bridge is about 10-12 feet with four lanes. Pflugerville Assistant City Manager Tom Word says there have been at least two recent water rescues in the area and although the project was expensive it is “well worth the money.”

He says that’s because the roadway connects Pflugerville to Toll road 130. “130 is going to be very important to our future and we need to have a good safe way for our citizens and our visitors to get to that roadway,” Word says.

It’s a road that’s also expected to bring an increase of business to nearby businesses like Yaghi’s. LaBrie says the new roadway is safer and will bring more customers to her pizzeria, “we hit the perfect location because as they get off, we’re right here, I love it!”

The new roadway is expected to open this Thursday after a Ribbon cutting ceremony.

By Lydia PantazesPflugerville Pays Millions For New, Safer Bridge



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