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Rainy Day Money Approved For Texas Roads

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 09:47 PM CDT

The Texas Senate has approved $1 billion out of the rainy day fund to build and maintain roads -- a fraction of what the state needs.

The Texas Department of Transportation says it needs $4 billion a year to just keep up with the current congestion issues.

Bill Hammond with the Texas Association of Business tells us the $1 billion is probably all the state is going to get in the special session.

Right now the state manages nearly 200 million miles of roads and more than 50,000 bridges.

The funding the agency relies heavily on a 20 cent a gallon fuel tax that hasn't been raised since 1991.

But next session more funding could be addressed.

"Lawmakers could look at raising car registration fees which are extremely low. They could also look at using the sales tax from the sale of cars as revenue," said Hammond.

The one billion dollars for funding still needs to go through the Texas House, then it will go before voters in November.

By Christie PostRainy Day Money Approved For Texas Roads



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