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Roads Cracking In Austin Citywide

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 09:47 PM CDT

An East Austin neighborhood is fed up. A $1.5 million dollar bond was spent to reconstruct streets in the neighborhood, but less than a year later those streets are cracking and are in need of repairs once again. In the process of asking the City of Austin the tough questions, we discovered there's a much bigger, city wide issue.

Neighborhood watchman, Pat Johnson says there is no excuse for these cracked roads.

"I would like to know why the city is so lax on their inspectors. They're supposed to be looking out for the taxpayers, but instead they allow a contractor to do shoddy work and get away with it," says Johnson.

Montana Drive was laid down less than a year ago and there are already signs of repairs. But Johnson wants to know what the city is doing to stop new cracks from forming.

We sat down with City spokesperson, Sara Hartley to get some answers. She says they've know about these cracks since last fall and a consultant was hired to give a report. That report, released in December of 2012, reads nature is the culprit for the cracks, not a company.

"It was poor soil that, with the drought on top of it, really has created problems," says Hartley.

We found roads city wide with the same cracks. Hartley says this is a much bigger problem. They're canvassing streets to see which ones need repairs. The plan is to do a collective project to cut back on costs.

Johnson just hopes the burden of replacing these roads doesn't fall completely on taxpayers.

"It's a big inconvenience and a waste of our tax dollars," says Johnson.

There's no timeline on when the roads in East Austin will be repaired. The city did not disclose how the repairs will be paid for. You can count on us to follow this project and make sure these roads are fixed.

By Ashley MillerRoads Cracking In Austin Citywide



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