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TxDOT Studying Rail Line From Oklahoma To South Texas

Updated: Monday, October 15 2012, 10:01 PM CDT

Could a passenger rail line be the solution to congested highways in Central Texas? The Texas Department of Transportation is exploring the idea to build a passenger rail line from Oklahoma City, all the way to South Texas. That study will cost $14 million.

I-35 is one of the most congested highways in the nation, and even if you just moved here, you know the headaches of standstill traffic are a daily occurrence.

TxDOT officials say in that order to address congestion on mayor roadways they must look at more than just building and expanding highways.

“Right now we are just looking to see if it’s feasible or not to have a passenger rail in Texas,” says Kelly Reyna with TxDOT.

But seeing if a new high-speed rail system will work will cost taxpayers millions.

"I think it's kind of pointless," says Round Rock resident Derek Jasso. "People don't use trains now and no one is going to use trains from South Texas to Oklahoma.”

The study will examine the best possible options for the development of passenger trains that will connect metropolitan areas such as San Antonio, Dallas and Austin.

TxDOT says their hope is to provide an alternate choice to commuters, but they still want your input. “If you’re not going to get on that train we want you to tell us that before we spend billions of dollars on it,” says Reyna.

If built, TxDOT officials say the Oklahoma City to South Texas line could provide the foundation for a high-speed rail system that would could eventually connect all the major metropolitan areas in Texas.

By Angel Covarrubias
TxDOT Studying Rail Line From Oklahoma To South Texas



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