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WilCo Commuter Rail Plan Could Be Stopped In Its Tracks

Updated: Monday, June 10 2013, 09:28 PM CDT

Georgetown City Council Member Tommy Gonzalez is proposing to cut ties with the Lone Star Rail District.

The reason? expense.

It's been costing Georgetown $50,000 a year for the past six years -- for a total of $300,000 since 1996.

Transportation Services Director Ed Polasek says, "That money has been used to do the ridership surveys they've been doing, the station area plan they've been undertaking and to actually start working on the environmental statement to begin the project."

Gonzalez wasn't available for an interview but we did talk to fellow council member Patty Eason who is also on the board of directors for the Lone Star Rail District.

She says cutting ties now would be a waste of taxpayer money. "We would have thrown away $300,000. Certainly that could be viewed as wasted money because you can't just go back in and start from where you left off. You would be starting from the beginning all over again."

Eason says being part of the Lone Star Rail District allows Georgetown to have input on where the station is located, and where it runs.

Right now, Georgetown is the only dues paying member in Williamson County.

If they leave, that could derail the project north of Austin.

Eason says, "There would be absolutely no station in Williamson County for passenger rail in Williamson County."

By Lydia PantazesWilCo Commuter Rail Plan Could Be Stopped In Its Tracks



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