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Ax Wielding Woman Stops Thief

Updated: Tuesday, November 5 2013, 09:39 AM CST

A robbery attempt at a Hemet, California home comes to a sudden end when the suspect realizes the homeowner is armed with a throwing ax.

Robyn Irvine says she keeps the ax by her side at all times.

"He froze at first. I shocked him with my voice and then he took off. There was no way I could’ve caught him but I could’ve thrown it,” said Irvine, adding that she could have paralyzed the suspect by striking him in the spine.

Irvine isn't just any woman armed with a weapon. She's a former competitive ax thrower.

She says this is not the first time someone has tried to rob her home and warns if someone tries it again, they're not walking out.

Ax Wielding Woman Stops Thief

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