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Weird News

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13-Year-Old Is Hot Stuff

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 09:47 PM CDT
An entrepreneurial 13-year-old is hot stuff. Nolan Bebber took a challenge from his dad and is now enjoying the fruits of his labors.

It all started when Nolan found a hot sauce bottle.

“If found a hot sauce bottle in the cabinet and dumped it out and through of a few ingredients and put it in,” said Nolan.

While he’s not quite yet the polished professional, Nolan is far from amateur.

“I just try to think about what flavor components go into Asian cuisine.”

His first attempt ended in a flop, but he quickly turned the tables and started churning out bottles of the hot sauce with his name on the label.

Nolan’s dad said in the beginning, “Actually it started with $56 dollars, that was the initial investment. I gave that to him and said, the rest of it, you’re going to run off the business.”

Nolan ran away with that idea and turned $56 dollars into a nationally known hot sauce name. He has his own website where you can order one of four flavors. Each one is the product of a 13-year-old imagination.

His latest creation came from a trip to the Asian Market. Nolan said, “That’s when I discovered lemongrass and I couldn’t believe how good that flavor was.”

According to his dad, “He’s still working off the $56 dollars and he’s putting money in his accounts. He put money in his pocket and he’s got money in his PayPal account that he’s running off of.”

You can check out Nolan’s Hot Sauce at 13-Year-Old Is Hot Stuff

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