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Austin Ranks No. 7 In Most Attractive People

Updated: Thursday, November 29 2012, 10:34 AM CST
Austin has some of the most attractive people in the United States
A Travel & Leisure shows we rank seventh. 

"Folks in the Texas capital seem to be simultaneously quirky, smart, and buff: the only personal quality that voters were less-than-smitten with was perhaps residents' tendency toward hipster fashion. Look for them hanging out by the No. 2 ranked food trucks or dining on gourmet burgers."

Miami topped the list followed by San Diego; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Charleston, S.C.; Los Angeles and Nashville. The top 10 is rounded out with Savannah, Honolulu and Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Online: Travel & Leisure website
Austin Ranks No. 7 In Most Attractive People

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