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Buy a Ring, Get a Rifle

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 09:47 PM CDT
Gun-buyers may have a hard-edged reputation ... But one jewelry store owner in Georgia thinks they also have a soft side for something that sparkles. The store owner is offering an unusual promotion-- If you buy a ring, he'll throw in a rifle. Talk about getting a bang for your bling!
Store Owner Mike Geller was inspired after seeing a similar offer from a Missouri car dealer. He doesn't want to show his face for safety reasons but says the promotion from his store, D. Geller and Son,  is generating a lot of buzz.

The offer-- if you buy a 25-hundred dollar ring, you can get one of these rifles from Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna.  Once you pay, you can walk out with the rock but you won't be able to walk out with one of these rifles. Instead you'll get a voucher. That way you have to qualify and follow all the rules and regulations.

Even so, not everyone thinks this is a brilliant idea.
Like it or not though, it is legal.

Geller says he doesn't think he'll run out of diamonds ... But does expect the offer to bring a lot of people into the store. Buy a Ring, Get a Rifle

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