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Weird News

Weird News

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Deadly African Snail Found In Texas

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 09:47 PM CDT

A giant African land snail has been discovered in the backyard of a Houston home, and researchers are now sending out a serious warning. Scientists say the snails are extremely dangerous and spread a deadly disease.

Dr. Autumn Smith-Herron is the Director of the Institute For the Study of Invasive Species at Sam Houston University. She is warning people not to touch the snails if you come in contact with them.

“They also carry a parasitic disease that can cause a lot of harm to humans and sometimes even death. It causes meningitis,” Said Dr. Smith-Herron.

The snails can lay as many as 100 eggs a month, so it’s likely that there are more snails in Texas. People who live in the neighborhood say it’s important to spread the word about the giant snails.

“I think most kids, especially, would look at a big snail and want to touch it. So, I think meningitis is one of the side effects of it, so it's very scary,” says Jack Fendrick.

Researchers are now sending teams to the Houston neighborhood to search for the snails.

Deadly African Snail Found In Texas

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