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Elderly Skydiver Nearly Falls Out of Parachute

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 09:47 PM CDT
An 81-year-old woman is the star of a new video that's sweeping the Internet.
She went skydiving for her birthday.But got more excitement than she'd bargained for.

Laverne Everett's skydiving adventure started off with smiles.  Things took a dramatic turn after that.  When it was time to jump, she looks like she doesn't want to get out of the plane.  She told station KOVR that wasn't the case.  Her bad knees gave out. 

Once Laverne and an instructor did jump, it was clear something went very wrong.  The parachute opened and she landed safely.  The video has taken off and gone viral. 
Kenny Pugh owns a skydiving company in New Jersey.  As an outsider he says while it's hard to know exactly what went wrong, it appears from the start that the harness wasn't secured properly.  He says this kind of thing happening is rare.
A representative from the company where Laverne did her skydive said the video was over a year old and would only say no one got hurt and the landing was fine.

As for Laverne, she says at the time of the dive she didn't even know exactly what happened because her shirt had covered her face.  She's seeking another adventure. 

While Laverne may have moved on, the FAA  is now looking into the dive and the California company behind it since learning about the video late last week.  Separately, the FAA that says that it's already proposed $900,000 in civil penalties against the parachute center for violations unrelated to Laverne Evertt's dive.  When asked about those fines, the company said it had no comment.Elderly Skydiver Nearly Falls Out of Parachute

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