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Lemur Attacks Texas Mail Carrier

Updated: Friday, December 7 2012, 12:08 PM CST
It’s said that neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night stops the U.S. mail. And apparently not lemurs either.

Yes. A pet lemur attacked an East Texas mail carrier this week. 
Marla Reeves says she was finishing up her route Tuesday when a Grapeland family's pet lemur jumped into her vehicle, bit her and jumped out.

Reeves has wounds from two bites -- one to her wrist another to her forearm.

"I was fixing to pull away. That's when I felt the pain in my hand. I looked at my hand and the lemur was on my hand and I lifted my arm up and blood was all down my arm,” Reeves said.

The owner of the lemur was able to get him inside a metal cage. 
The Houston County Sheriff says the lemur will be on quarantine for 30 days to be sure it does not have rabies.  The owner might face criminal charges.

Grapeland is about 130 miles north of Houston.Lemur Attacks Texas Mail Carrier

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