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Most Singles Would Give Up High Paying Job For Love

Updated: Tuesday, April 17 2012, 10:14 AM CDT
Most young people would be willing to give up a high-paying job for a relationship, if they were in love and faced with the situation.

According to a  survey, 75 percent of single men and 70 percent of single women pick love over a high-paying job.

The survey also asked money issue tied to dating.  It found 21 percent of men but only eight percent of women would be willing to pool their finances after one year of dating.

After they were engaged one third of men would share their money but only 14 percent of women.

Other results of the survey:
•    Men make more risky investments.
•    Singles aren’t splurging on personal fun.
•    Men are more willing to change their spending habits
•    More than one third of women feel the man should be the primary breadwinner.
Most Singles Would Give Up High Paying Job For Love

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