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Very Isolated Showers and Downpours

The cold front has already pushed through the Austin area.  Behind it some VERY isolated showers/downpours are popping up this afternoon.
Search hashtag #keyewx for updates.


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Weird News

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No Driver Needed for this Car

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 09:47 PM CDT
Californians could soon see Google's driverless car on the roads.

The governor is scheduled to sign a bill at Google's headquarters today. It's expected to be the bill making the company's car street-legal.

Google's self-driving car has computer controlled pedals and steering which are guided by cameras, GPS and other sensors. Someone still has to pay attention and be ready to take over if needed.

Once the bill is signed, the DMV will have to draft rules for public testing and expand the definition of a vehicle operator to include someone who causes the technology to engage
No Driver Needed for this Car

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