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Rattlesnake Found In Backpack At New Braunfels Bus Stop

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 09:47 PM CDT

A parent discovered a 42-inch rattlesnake in a backpack left at a New Braunfels school bus stop Monday morning.

Though the snake is common in Texas, New Braunfels police say they doubt the snake crawled into the bag itself.

"It looks like someone intentionally left it there," Cpt. John McDonald, New Braunfels Police Department, said.

The police are still trying to locate the woman that called in the report.  The snake didn't bite anyone and was handed over to Animal World Snake Farm until the investigation is complete.  

"What struck this particular occasion as peculiar to me was that it was found on a really cold morning.  Snakes usually aren't out on their own in that kind of weather," Jarrod Forthman from Animal World and Snake Farm said.

Forthman says Rattlers need more warmth to thrive and most likely aren't going to pick a backpack that may smell like a human.

"Sounds a little fishy to me, especially if the backpack is zipped up. But you never know," he said.

Forthman said this situation could have been very deadly to a kid that tried to open up the pack. Being bitten himself, he has lost his thumb to a snake bite and he says people react to snake venom differently and it can turn deadly quickly.

After the investigation, the snake will be released somewhere far away from people and houses.

Rattlesnake Found In Backpack At New Braunfels Bus Stop

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