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Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 09:47 PM CDT
Here’s a look at the top trending videos for today from your morning weather and traffic anchors, Allison Miller and Erica Harpold.

Almost a Record:
The first comes out of Canada, where a group of 30 skiers perform, what looks like, a flawless 30-person backflip in Quebec.
Apparently, they had hoped it would get them into the Guinness World Records, but they submitted it too late for an official to certify the record!
Article and video:

3-Legged Crawl:
It's a alligator vs. a golfer?  Who's the dumb one here.  This video comes from the PGA Golf Tour at the 2013 Zurich Classic.  A 3-legged alligator decides to take a stroll along the green.

Good Ole Texas Pride:
This video is all about why Texas is so amazing. It's 25 sure signs you grew up in Texas.  Even you weren't born here, like Allison you can appreciate it!

Who Me? Most Beautiful?
Gwyneth Paltrow comments on being named People Magazine's World's most beautiful woman on the Ellen show.!

Cats...Enough Said:
How 'bout this video to kick the weekend off.  Who doesn't love cat videos (cough cough) Erica Harpold! This video is titled, "Your workout needs more cats."

Just a Saturday Afternoon:
Erica and I love this video.  It involves a cat and Rumba.  The best part though, is the duck following the cat around and the dog that joins in around 1:30min in the video.

Wanna talk about the videos or share your with us?  Tweet at Erica and Allison and use the hashtag #KEYEopener

-Allison and Erica

Meteorologist Allison Miller

Traffic Anchor Erica Harpold
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