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West Texas Schlotzky Closes For Attitude Adjustment

Updated: Wednesday, December 4 2013, 10:23 AM CST

A closed West Texas Schlotzky's is planning to reopen next week with a new attitude.

The sign in front of the Abilene sandwich shop says "Closed for attitude adjustment."

Owner Jon Herod says he noticed a decline in customer service recently, and his plan to fix it? Close his business to replace some bad apples and re-train the rest of his employees.

The workers will have to learn everything over again from cleaning to food prep. Herod also says it'll give them a chance to really reflect on the job they do, and the service they offer to customers.

Passers by said it's a bold move, but they respect the fact that Herod wants to give the best business possible.

The sign says Schlotzky's will reopen on Dec. 4, but that has been pushed back to Dec. 9.

West Texas Schlotzky Closes For Attitude Adjustment

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