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Weird News

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Win A Free Divorce On Valentine's Day

Updated: Friday, February 14 2014, 11:51 AM CST

A San Antonio radio station is giving away free divorce today -- on Valentine's Day.

99.5 KISS says it is the perfect gift for people who just aren't feeling the love anymore.  The winner got free legal services for a "simple agreed divorce".

The station received more than one hundred entries.

"Why not give away a free divorce? And everybody just kind of went, 'We can't do that'," said 99.5 KISS Program Director Keith Hastings. "And I said, 'Sure we can'."

"It costs a lot to get divorced," said morning show host Billy Madison. "And so when you're giving away a divorce, people are like, 'Hey I can get a free divorce'."

Win A Free Divorce On Valentine's Day

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