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West Explosion

West Explosion

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West Pulling Together As A Community

Updated: Friday, April 19 2013, 09:08 AM CDT

As word got out that almost 200 people were injured in the explosion people from all over the state starting donating their blood. And on the ground we ran into business owners lending a hand to some people they didn't even know.

He spent 22 years in the same house, but Roy Rochester never thought what he read in books would happen in West. "It's what you would imagine an atomic bomb to look like," he says. "It hurts, but to tell you the truth we haven't lost anything compared to some people."

And those people are folks like Brian Sykora. He teared up after telling us his friends that volunteered to fight the fire died. "Everybody knows everybody. We know people who didn't make it, so we are all here for each other," he says.

Thursday Sykora collected donations -- fighting through his pain to ease the misery of others. 

Central Texas Roof Systems is also lending a hand, using their own funds to fix homes torn to pieces in the blast. "We are trying to board up houses or whatever we can do to help people out here. We are waiting to get down closer to the site to see what else we can do," said a worker with the company.

And for those needing a hot meal, cold water and just conversation The Red Cross is stepping in.

Rochester is still in shock, but says the community has helped him remember what's important. "It made me realize you just have to live for today," he says.

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By Christie PostWest Pulling Together As A Community

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