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West Explosion

West Explosion

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West's Worse Fear Comes True

Updated: Thursday, April 18 2013, 07:21 PM CDT

Ray Rogers has been spending his recent retirement restoring his home.  It's more than a century old. But after Wednesday's explosion, he has even more work to do.

He walked us through his home describing the damage.  "The microwave was here and it was knocked out of here and thrown to the floor", he said, pointing to a spot four feet away.

He told us people in town would always say things, like, "if that plant explodes, it'd be real bad."

When he saw the plant burning, he and his son drove over to get a closer look. They had no idea they were about to witness what people in this small town always feared.

"We saw the blast and it was quite a shock.  It's what you would imagine an atomic bomb would look like," Rogers said.

From nearly a mile away we see just how bad it was.  There were shards of glass, instead of lawn ornaments.  Family heirlooms were on the floor in pieces instead of being proudly displayed on shelves.

Like most however in this small town will tell you, the things that are broken are just things.  Rogers says, "It made me realize you just gotta live for the day."

Web Extra: Special West Explosion coverage

By Melanie LoftonWest's Worse Fear Comes True

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