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Professional Advice - CRT Flooring

Professional Advice - CRT Flooring - Carpet


The most widely sold floor covering, carpet is popular for both practical and decorative reasons:
  • Its a natural insulator that provides warmth.
  • It muffles sound and eliminates distracting clatter.
  • It provides a comfortable, non-slip walking surface that reduces leg fatigue and injury from falls.
  • Elegant, soft and colorful, carpet brings a strong sense of style to a space.

Carpet is extremely versatile and comes in an exciting selection of styles, patterns, and colors. The most popular styles are found in the following four categories:

Texture: The traditional, velvety look and feel evenly cut yarns.  The surface varies from smooth to lightly or highly textured.

Twist: Relaxed but elegant and sumptuous to the touch. A range of styles, from tightly twisted friezes to casual, nubby cables to a combination of both.

Modern interpretation of hand-crafted styling. For distinctive areas, where you want sass and sophistication without worry.

Pattern: Almost an art form. Cut and uncut loops form distinctive sculptural designs, for decorating with originally and flair.

Fiber Types

The four basic fibers used today have their individual strengths, and each makes excellent carpet. Your choice will be determined by the most characteristics most important to you.

Nylon: The most popular carpet fiber, nylon is preferred primarily for its strength-its incredibly durable and resilient. Because of its resistance to matting and wear, you wont see visibly worn carpet path in even the busiest spots of your home. Nylon fiber is soft yet strong, shows color brilliantly, and cleans well. Though not inherently stain resistant, most nylons are treated with stain-resist treatment for protection against household spills and stains. And there's a tremendous added bonus: nylon type 6 can be 100% recycled back into more nylon fiber (nylon type 6,6 cannot).

Polyester: Appreciated for its versatility, polyester continues to grow in popularity. It offers exceptional softness, making it ideal for thick, cut pile styles. Polyester is also naturally and permanently stain and fade resistant. It has excellent color clarity, color retention, strength, and abrasion resistance. Carpets made from this fiber are easily cleaned and resist water-soluble stains.

Polypropylene, or Olefin: The use of polypropylene has grown dramatically over the past 10 years, due to the popularity of Berber-style loop carpets.  Polypropylene is extremely resistant to stains, fading and moisture. A value-oriented fiber, polypropylene is also notably colorfast because its solution dyed, which means color is added during the fiber production.

A highly-quality cushion is vital to the life and performance of your carpet, ensuring that its more comfortable and lasts longer.

A good cushion does these things:

  • Absorbs most of the impact of foot traffic. Without it, the carpet pile and backing have to take all the pounding. This cushioning effect can add to your carpets lifespan.
  • Creates a substantially softer, more comfortable walking surface.
  • Insulates against the cold and minimizes noise.

When buying a cushion, remember that a thick product is not necessarily better. A cushion that's too thick can cause the backing to flex too much and can make the carpet too soft for comfortable walking and balance. A cushion with medium thickness and a medium to medium-high density is usually best.

Environmentally Friendly

Nowadays its as green inside as it is outside, thanks to stylish carpets that are kind to the planet. Carpets of Anso nylon have 25% recycled content and are 100% recyclable. At the end of their useful life, they're processed and turned back into more beautiful carpet, over and over again. They maintain the same integrity of color performance, and fiber quality of carpet made with virgin fiber.

Anso nylon carpets carry CRT Flooring Concepts's best, most comprehensive warranties. The crowning touch is R2x, CRT Flooring Concepts's patented stain and soil treatment that offers unprecedented protection against the punishment of everyday spills an soiling. There's no better stain and soil resistance system on the market.

Imagine all this in a carpet thats eco-friendly, too. Then sink into the luxury while saving the earths resources.

Anso nylon. Green by nature. Fashionable by design.

GREEN is something we never forget.

For more information, visit our website.

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