• Austin Dental Implant Center

    Austin Dental Implant Center
    Phone(512) 577-3926
    Get “Teeth in a Day” at Austin Dental Implant Center!

    Welcome to Austin Dental Implant Center, Austin’s Clear Choice for dental implants services. At Austin Dental Implant Center, we specialize in dental implants and dental implant related surgical services.

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  • Austin Thyroid & Endocrinology

    Austin Thyroid & Endocrinology
    One of the front runners of Thyroid care in Austin, Texas.

    We are clinically led by Dr. Simona Scumpia (MD FACE FRCP), considered one of the front runners of Thyroid care in Austin, Texas and considered an expert in endocrine and thyroid pathology due to her extensive experience over many years in the field.

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  • Bunker Vein & Imaging Center

    Bunker Vein & Imaging Center
    Do you have Varicose Veins? There might be a more serious underlying problem deeper within the leg.

    Varicose veins are noticeable, unattractive and often painful, which can keep you from showing your legs, wearing certain clothes and doing what you love. They can also be uncomfortable and painful. And you may experience other symptoms and even potentially serious health consequences. Simply put, varicose veins - along with their smaller counterparts, spider veins - can ...

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  • Capitol Pain Institute

    Capitol Pain Institute
    Your Austin Pain Management Specialists

    Capitol Pain Institute provides expert pain management care and treatment in a truly multidisciplinary center that affords our patients the benefits of comprehensive care.  The patient experience at Capitol Pain Institute begins with a face-to-face consultation with one of our pain management physicians.  During this initial visit, a unique treatment plan is designed ...

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  • Institute for Hormones and Optimal Health

    Institute for Hormones and Optimal Health

    Dr. Simone Scumpia’s Institute for Hormones and Optimal Health will be headed by Dr. Simone Scumpia, MD, FACE, FRCP, FNLA, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, a board certified fellow of the American College of Endocrinology, as a new model for the measurement of your biological age, integrating it with your genetic potential and your environment for the identification ...

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  • Eminent Spine Medical Device

    Eminent Spine
    Bad to the Bone

    Eminent Spine is a privately held company that has pioneered a new era in spine technology.
    Dr. Steve Courtney and David Freehill co-founded Eminent Spine with the idea of combining a spine surgeon’s medical expertise with an engineer’s experience of manufacturing and design.
    Together, they provide cutting edge technology to produce biomechanically ...

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  • Northwest Hills Surgical Hospital

    Northwest Hills Surgical Hospital
    Phone(512) 346-1994

    Our Mission is to care for our patients, serve our physicians, and improve healthcare in America. Our values include outstanding patient care, integrity, service excellence by exceeding the expectations of our patients, teamwork, accountability and continuous improvement.

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  • Texas NeuroRehab Center Rehabilitation Hospital

    Texas NeuroRehab Center

    Texas NeuroRehab provides medical rehabilitation services to patients (ages 13 and older), behavorial/psychiatric services to children, adolescents and adults, and chemical dependency treatments. They offer various inpatient and outpatient treatment programs for all rehabilitation needs whether it’s ...

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  • Vitalogy Skincare

    Vitalogy Skincare
    Founded on health. Backed by science.

    At Vitalogy, we go beyond skincare — we practice patient care. The health of your skin deserves our highest level of care, from acne to skin cancer treatments and from fillers to facials. Not only committed to providing you with the highest level of care, we’re dedicated to arming you with the knowledge and education necessary to care for and protect your skin. ...

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