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Hotter Wedneday, Cold Front Late Thursday

Tuesday July 29th, 2014

Showers, some with very heavy rain, developed mainly north of Austin, with some spots picking up a quick 1/2"-1"+ of rain in slow-moving downpours.  One storm near Florence did just that around 2 PM.  The highest concentration of rain has been in our northern counties - Burnet, Williamson, Milam and Lee.  If you've were lucky enough to get some rain, you also enjoyed some rain-cooled air.  Places with no rain soared yet again close to 100!  The highest temp as of 4:20 PM was 103 at the LCRA gauge in Llano.  Around 5 PM, an outflow boundary ahead of those storms to the north swept through the Austin Metro - bringing a 5 to 10 degree temp drop as well as shifting winds to the gusty northeast.  Not bad for a late July evening!

This rain is courtesy of a cold front that's draped just along our northern counties.  The front lifts northward Wednesday, lowering our rain chances and pumping up our temps (I think we could hit 100).  Then another impulse surges in and sends the front through Central Texas late Thursday.  That's when our best chance of rain will arrive.  So Thursday night into early Friday we might have some locally heavy rain (possibly 1-2" in spots).  On the other hand, if the front rolls through quickly, our rain potential would be cut dramatically.  Either way, we need rain and will take every drop. 

And once the cold front moves through - we're still on track for COOLER temps!  If we stay cloudy enough after the early morning rain exits Friday (or if the rain lingers awhile which at least one computer model is suggesting) we might even stay below 90 on Friday.  Then Saturday, Sunday and into early next week, we'll jump back into the low to mid 90s with the chance of a few lingering showers - mainly in our southern counties toward Blanco, San Marcos and Luling.  If the front totally clears us, we can expect a stint of lower humidity too - which would be especially nice for the first weekend of August in Austin!

In the Tropics, there's a system in the middle of the Atlantic with a 70% chance of developing in the next couple days (the next tropical storm in the Atlantic will be named Bertha) and in the Pacific, Tropical Storm Hernan weakened to a post-tropical cyclone and is no threat to land.


Tuesday Night: 74 Few early showers/downpours (mainly north), then mainly clear.  Winds: SE 5
Wednesday: 100 Mostly sunny and HOT!  Record is 104 set in 1957.  Winds: S 5-15. *Morning Low: 74 (10% chance of showers north and east)
Thursday: 95 Partly sunny with a 50% chance of showers/storms - mainly late.  Small chance of a few showers in the morning.  Winds: S 5-10 *Morning Low: 75
Friday: 89 Mostly cloudy and cooler with rain likely in the early morning (50% chance) - possibly heavy.  Could see some showers linger later in the day. *Morning Low: 75
Saturday: 91 Partly cloudy and unseasonably cool with a 20% chance of a shower - best chance south.  *Morning Low: 74
Sunday: 93 Partly cloudy with a 10% chance of a shower - best chance south.  *Morning Low: 73
Monday: 94 Partly cloudy with a 10% chance of a showers - best chance south/east. *Morning Low: 73
Tuesday: 95 Partly cloudy.  *Morning Low: 74
Take Care!

Chief Meteorologist Chikage Windler

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