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Isolated Rain


Friday, July 31st, 2015


We've already started the day with a few isolated showers this morning. It hasn't been much but at least it's a change. I'm thinking we'll get more later today as instability increases. Unfortunately not everyone will see rainfall. I'm only throwing in a 30% chance of rain in your forecast today and a 20% tomorrow. Best case scenario should be anywhere from a trace to 1/4".  Keep your fingers crossed that you get something.


Even with the rainfall it doesn't look like temperatures will budge much. Those that actually get a bit of rain may be a bit cooler because of evaporational cooling but other than that -- it's going to stay very hot today and this weekend. We hit another triple digit day yesterday and we'll have many more to come. I don't see these temperatures backing down for a few weeks. Our count so far is 4 days above 100 at Camp Mabry and 1 day at ABIA.

Here are the comparisons for Camp Mabry.

2015: 4 (and counting!)

2014: 21

2013: 42

2012: 35

2011: 90 (All-time record)

Annual Average: 13

Stay safe in the heat!  Heat safety tips right here:


Last week, the state finally pulled out of drought conditions according to the Drought Monitor.  Unfortunately, our dry weather  has sent a small part of East Texas back into Moderate Drought.  Check the map here:


Ozone will keep our air quality in the "Moderate Air Quality" the rest of the week.


Combined storage at Lakes Travis & Buchanan dropped a percent Thursday - from 78% to 77% full.  Fingers crossed for rain!  Track lake levels:


Tropical Storm Guillermo could strengthen into a hurricane.  out in the Pacific and there are two other disturbances - one in the Atlantic, another in the Eastern Pacific that have some potential for development.  Tropics Tracker:

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Enjoy your weekend!

Meteorologist Jordan Steele

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