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Rain Not Looking Likely

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

There's not much to complain about with our recent "Chamber of Commerce" weather!  But as nice as it is, we really could use more rain.  There's a weak area of low pressure which will cross the Lone Star State Wednesday into Thursday, and I had been holding onto a lonely 10% rain chance for the Hill Country, but based on computer model trends, I think our atmosphere will be just too dry for even a stray shower.  So I've pulled the plug on that small rain chance.  I do think we'll have more clouds in the Hill Country the next couple days, with more sunshine from Austin points east.

As for temperatures, we've been just a degree or two above normal the last couple days, but that could change heading into the weekend.  Winds will develop out of the southwest (which is our warmest direction here in Central Texas) and that could send temps soaring to near-record levels.  I'm not going 90 at this point, but I am forecasting 89 Saturday (the record is 91 in 1992) and 88 Sunday (the record is 90 in 1987).  We'll have nearly full sunshine all weekend long!

A cold front is on track to move in early next Tuesday morning and it might, emphasis on might, have enough moisture for a couple showers - best bet north.  I'm only adding a 10% rain chance at this point.  Looking beyond 7 days, we could finally get some more widespread rain around November 1st.  (Fortunately, it's looking like Halloween night will be dry so far).

If you missed the peak of the Orionid Meteor Shower Tuesday morning, you may still be able to catch a few meteors after midnight and before dawn Wednesday morning.  We'll have mainly clear skies with some high, thin clouds passing by. 

Next big attraction?  A Partial Solar Eclipse will be visible Thursday evening from around 5 to 7 PM and with partly cloudy skies, we should have a good view here in Austin.  At its peak at 5:56 PM Thursday, the moon will cover about 1/4 of the sun.  Just remember not to look at the sun directly!  Make a pinhole camera or use eclipse glasses to see the eclipse.  The next partial solar eclipse doesn't happen until 2017, so take advantage of this opportunity if you can! 
For more tips on viewing the eclipse safely:
If you'd rather watch the eclipse from the comfort of your computer or tablet or phone, here's a link where it will be streamed live on Thursday:
And here's an opportunity to see the eclipse safely here in Austin.  The Austin Planetarium will be holding a free public viewing event on top of Mount Bonnell Thursday from 5 PM 'til sunset.  They'll have viewing glasses and filters so you can see the eclipse in one of the most scenic spots in the city.  If you've never been, Mount Bonnell is located off 2222 and Mopac at Mt. Bonnell Road, Austin, TX 78731  Don't forget your camera!

Tropics Tracker:
In the Atlantic -  An area of low pressure in the Southern Gulf developed into Tropical Depression Nine Tuesday night.  It is tracking eastward across the Yucatan and could strengthen into Tropical Storm Hanna.


Tuesday Night: 59.  Stars and passing high clouds.  Winds: light E/NE
Wednesday: 83 Mostly sunny Austin, partly cloudy Hill Country.  Winds: NE/E 5-10
Thursday: 83 Partly cloudy.   *Morning Low: 60
Friday: 87 Mostly sunny.  *Morning Low: 61
Saturday: 89 Mostly sunny.  *Morning Low: 63 (Record high is 91 in 1992)
Sunday: 88 Mostly sunny.  *Morning Low: 62 (Record high is 90 in 1987)
Monday: 85 Mostly sunny to partly cloudy.  *Morning Low: 63
Tuesday: 81 Partly cloudy with a 10% chance of showers - best chance north and in the morning.  *Morning Low: 64

Have a good one!

Chief Meteorologist Chikage Windler

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