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Air Quality Alert


Thursday, August 27th, 2015


An OZONE ACTION DAY has been declared for Thursday for the Austin area.  It's our first of the year and means ozone levels will be hurting our air quality.  Air Quality is expected to fall into the Orange - Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups - range.  So if you're young, old or have respiratory issues, it may be more difficult for you to breathe.  We only had one Ozone Action Day in Austin last year, but in years prior we averaged about 7 per season.

Tips on keeping the ozone level lower: 

Limit driving - take mass transit, walk, bike or carpool if you can.

Avoid Idling - skip the drive-thru

Wait to Gas Up - until after 6PM (and don't top off your tank)

Wait to Mow - until after 6PM


Temperatures will be flirting with the 100 degree mark over the next several days. However, I have it remaining just below~around 99 Thursday and Friday, with slight drops towards 97 on Saturday and Sunday. Monday/Tuesday down to 96. Wednesday, at 95. So, a steady decrease as we exit the month of August-our hottest month of the year. 


Tropical Storm Erika is likely to track through the Caribbean, then push toward the US.  The National Hurricane Center is forecasting Erika to strengthen to a hurricane near the coast of Florida - but that track is not set in stone.  At least one computer model still sends Erika into the Gulf.  Check out our Tropics Tracker:


Thursday: 99 Sunny.  Winds: SW/SE 5.  *Morning Low: 72

Friday: 99 Sunny.  Winds: S 5-10.  *Morning Low: 72

Saturday:  97 Sunny.  Winds: S /SE 5-10.  *Morning Low: 73

Sunday:  97 Mostly sunny.  Winds: S/SE 5-10.  *Morning Low: 73
Monday: 96 Mostly sunny.  Winds: S/SE 5-10.  *Morning Low: 74

Tuesday: 96 Partly cloudy, isolated shower/storm best chance S/E.  Rain Chance: 10%. Winds: S/SE 5-15.  *Morning Low: 74

Wednesday: 95 Mostly sunny with very isolated showers/storms possible, best chance S/E.  Rain Chance: 10%.  Winds: S/SE 5-10.  *Morning Low: 74

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Meteorologist Collin Myers




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